2/10/2022 @ GRANT SCHOOL 6:30PM

Charter Township of Royal Oak in years past was most of Oakland County if not all according to some reseachers.

Our township still stands tall. A township that makes history and shapes the future. Over the years The Charter Township of Royal Oak Michigan has been land grabbed. Our community does not have the resources needed to sustain the land nor the essential needs of the residents. Who’s or what’s to blame? A lack of knowledge of resources that our elected governing bodies did or did not have access to for whatever the reasons? Doing business “HISTORICALLY” ? Uneducated elected officials? Attorneys? Oakland County? The Citizens of Royal Oak Township? Does it matter now?
In order for our historic black community to have economic growth and development we must all unite as One Royal Oak Township and make a plan to gain revenue; a plan that will allow for growth and development mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. Teamwork will always bring vision and vision will always prevent the people from perishing.
“As Always, Make It A Great Day”